The River Shack

Stoke Gabriel

About Us

Having been closed a few months for a refurbishment, the shack is now open again and under the new management of us,

Will and Faye! 


We’re a young couple who moved to the area two years ago with the dream of one day having our own restaurant by the water…

We’ve been on a very exciting journey to reach the River Shack, one which has prepared us in all sorts of ways for this exciting new challenge.

From catering for hungry sporting parties in the Scottish Highlands, to managing a small hotel in the Himalayas of India near Darjeeling, and then on to managing the restaurant at the Gara Rock Hotel near Salcombe, we feel prepared for any eventuality that may be coming our way!

Along this journey, a few years ago over in the West of Ireland we met Freddie Davis, and we always hoped that one day he would be our chef.

 In his words, Freddie is;

 ‘dedicated to sourcing local, seasonal and sustainable produce from nearby businesses. I concentrate on taking the freshest ingredients and cooking them simply, allowing their true, unspoiled flavours to come through.’

The three of us love great food and drink, and we have always enjoyed meeting people and giving people a good time, and we hope the River Shack will become a place where people feel they can simply come to unwind and enjoy themselves.

We look forward to seeing you down at the estuary…