About Us

We are Will and Faye and we took over The River Shack in April 2019.

Having our own café has been a dream of ours for a long time, and so to have the keys to The Shack is very exciting for us!

You are likely to find Will on the bar charming the customers, and Faye sweating away in the kitchen...

Since meeting at Edinburgh University we have spent years working together in weird and wonderful hospitality jobs. From a ski chalet in the Swiss Alps to the Scottish Highlands where we cooked for hungry sporting parties, and then on to the Himalayas in Darjeeling where we managed a small boutique hotel, we have had some incredible experiences together. It wasn't until we started working at the Gara Rock Hotel in Salcombe however, that we realised Devon was where we wanted to settle.

At The River Shack we are not interested in fuss or formalities, we simply want to provide delicious food and drink in a relaxed and beautiful setting. Luckily the views in themselves do most of the work...

Along with the rest of our fantastic team, we look forward to meeting you down at the creek!